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Fossil of the day: Gnarly wooly rhino skull

For today I have just a short fossil-of-the-day-post. It´s a close-up of the nasal and frontal area of of a wooly rhino´s skull from the Naturhistorisches Museum Mainz (natural history museum Mainz). You can see very well the highly textured … Weiterlesen

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No guts, no glory – Nanuqsaurus feeding giant petrel style

In the sequel of the last post about the table manners of living and prehistoric carnivores and their depictions in paleoart, I post today a portrayal of Nanuqsaurus feeding on a mosasaur carcass by Joschua Knüppe (take a look at … Weiterlesen

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Don´t forget the blood and guts – for the sake of badass feathered theropods

Feathered theropods have some issues. A lot of people just don´t like them. Movies like  „Jurassic World“ have also shown that the mere idea of theropods being mainly covered in some sort of feathers or filaments is still far away … Weiterlesen

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A herring in the wolf´s clothing

Today´s blogpost features another fish skull, this time a much smaller but yet pretty impressive one, which nearly looks like a miniature version of the giant cretaceous Xiphactinus. It belongs to a dorab wolf hering (Chirocentrus dorab), a member of … Weiterlesen

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Fossil of the day: Pelagosaurus typus with fatal jaw fracture

Today I visited the fossil museum at Dotternhausen, which exhibits nearly exclusively fossils found in the surrounding area. It is located in the Swabian Alps, an area which is famous for various fossil deposits, especially for ammonites and other marine … Weiterlesen

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Myotragus balearicus – an extinct goat with anthropomorphic face and reptile-like growth pattern

Long before the first primitive domestic goats were brought to the Balearic archipelago by early human settlers, another caprid already populated the islands of Majorca and Minorca. This remarkable ungulate, Myotragus balearicus, was about the size of a small domestic … Weiterlesen

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Acrophyseter robustus – a new macropredatory killer sperm whale

I´ve been a big fan of archaic sperm whales since I read for the first time about Zygophyseter varolai in 2007. At that time, primitive sperm whales were still quite little known in general, and there were only a few … Weiterlesen

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A new face for Dorudon – archeocetes with stubbly beards

As I already wrote a in an earlier blogpost, archaeocetes were most probably not the skull-headed pseudo-reptilian horrors as which they have  been usually depicted since Basilosaurus was discovered in the first half of the 19th century. Sadly this trend … Weiterlesen

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Paranogmius doederleini – ein unbekannter Riesenfisch aus der Bahariya-Formation Ägyptens

Die Bahariya-Formation Ägyptens ist vor allem durch einen ihrer einstmals größten und heutzutage wohl kontroversesten Bewohner bekannt, den riesigen und äußerst bizarren Spinosaurus. Dabei hatte dieses prähistorische Ökosystem eine ganze Menagerie von unglaublichen und vielfach nicht minder wunderlichen Arten zu … Weiterlesen

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Riesen, Zwerge und Nussknackergebisse – die diverse Welt fossiler Knochenhechte

Fossile Fische bekommen im Allgemeinen viel zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit, ungeachtet der zahllosen hochinteressanten und teilweise sogar wirklich spektakulären Arten die man kennt. Daher möchte ich heute ein bisschen über fossile Knochenhechte schreiben. Den Anfang mache mit mit einem wirklich ausgesprochen … Weiterlesen

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