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The bird that follows in the footsteps of the dinosaurs

Technically, all modern birds are dinosaurs, descendents of a lineage of theropods that evolved complex feathers and the ability to fly. But to be honest… most of them don´t really look very „saurian“ anymore. Those fancy feathers, toothless beaks and … Weiterlesen

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A moustache for the elephant bird – had Aepyornis facial bristles?

A recent study in which digital endocasts of elephant bird skulls from Madagascar were examined, has shown that those gigantic flightless birds had extremely reduced optical lobes. At the same time, their olfactory lobes were very large, what indicates that … Weiterlesen

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Out-of-place flamingos at Bavaria

During my recent visit to the Chiemgau Alps, I made also a day trip to Chiemsee, one of the largest Bavarian lakes. I made a slight detour to a nature reserve around the area where the river Großache issues into … Weiterlesen

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The spiny wing quills of the cassowary

Cassowaries are unusual and weird by nearly every standard, but the general focus is mainly on their flamboyant heads and necks and their formidable foot claws. But there is just so much more noteworthy about them. For example their extraordinaire … Weiterlesen

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Don´t forget the blood and guts – for the sake of badass feathered theropods

Feathered theropods have some issues. A lot of people just don´t like them. Movies like  „Jurassic World“ have also shown that the mere idea of theropods being mainly covered in some sort of feathers or filaments is still far away … Weiterlesen

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Shit happens part V – grasped by killer mussels

Bivalves are usually not the kind of animals which are regarded as potentially dangerous. But they can actually cause a lot of trouble or even fatal accidents if they accidentally grasp other beings with their shells. One of this cases … Weiterlesen

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Shit happens part III – a tufted duck with a rubber ring girdle

Shit happens not only to mammals, but to birds as well. This poor tufted duck (Aythya fuligula) somehow managed to put a rubber ring over its body. I wonder if this possibly already happened when the duck was still not … Weiterlesen

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At the birdfeeder: Grosbeaks and bullfinches

At the end of last year I made several bird feeders, among them two bigger wooden models for seeds. It took some time until I finally managed to instal one of them in the garden, but the birds quickly learnt … Weiterlesen

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Birds with weird beaks part III: Why spoonbills are even stranger than you think

Spoonbills (Plataleinae) have obviously weird beaks. The overall elongated shape with the flat and proximally widened end is already a quite strong modification of the „normal“ bird beak. But you have to take a really close look at the beak, … Weiterlesen

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Weird bird beaks part II: The pseuodeteeth of the double-toothed barbet

Today´s featured bird with a weird beak is the double-toothed barbet (Lybius bidentatus), a colourful member of the African barbets, and around the size of a sparrow. The origin of their name is quite obvious, as their upper beaks shows … Weiterlesen

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