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The amazing Nautilid Diversity of the Post-Cretaceous Seas

The modern nautilus is usually seen as some sort of archaic relic from an ancient era, unaffected by the changes of time. They are often considered as an anachronistic remnant of an age when the seas were populated by marine … Weiterlesen

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The bearded Leviathan – not your everyday Basilosaurus

Basilosaurus – the great mammalian leviathan of the Eocene – was beyond doubt one of the most spectacular creatures which ever swam the oceans of the world.  But despite the fact that fossils of this ancient cetacean have been known … Weiterlesen

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Why maned lionesses are not that special (and why they don´t baffle scientists)

Perhaps you have heard about the recent report about a lioness at Oklahoma City Zoo, which „mysteriously“ grew a mane. As usual „scientists are baffled“, at least according to the news-site which spreads the story.  However, the whole case is … Weiterlesen

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No, there was no gorilla arm found on an Irish beach (Spoiler: it´s from a seal)

At the moment there is a strange story in the news, about an alleged gorilla arm which was found on a beach in Kilkee, Ireland. You can read the original story here. The photo in the article shows the grisly-looking, … Weiterlesen

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Don´t forget the blood and guts – for the sake of badass feathered theropods

Feathered theropods have some issues. A lot of people just don´t like them. Movies like  „Jurassic World“ have also shown that the mere idea of theropods being mainly covered in some sort of feathers or filaments is still far away … Weiterlesen

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A new face for Dorudon – archeocetes with stubbly beards

As I already wrote a in an earlier blogpost, archaeocetes were most probably not the skull-headed pseudo-reptilian horrors as which they have  been usually depicted since Basilosaurus was discovered in the first half of the 19th century. Sadly this trend … Weiterlesen

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The shoulder horn of Dürer´s marvelous Rhinocerus – revealing a 501 year old mystery beast

The woodcut of Albrecht Dürer´s „Rhinocerus“ is certainly one of the most iconic animal depictions of the Renaissance. Dating from 1515, a time when books about natural history still usually showed wild mixes of real animals and fully fantastic beings … Weiterlesen

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Bild des Tages: Bergmolch in Landtracht

Ein spontanes Bild des Tages, da ich gerade zufällig im Garten unter einem Stein einen Molch gefunden habe. Genau genommen handelt es sich um einen Bergmolch (Ichthyosaura alpestris), und um ganz genau zu sein, um ein Männchen (erkennbar am schwarz-gelben … Weiterlesen

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Neues Video eines lebenden Koloss-Kalmars

Kürzlich tauchte im Internet ein von 2013 stammendes Video auf, welches einen lebenden Koloss-Kalmar (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) zeigt. Der Kalmar hing an einem großen Fisch, allem Anschein nach einem Antarktischen Seehecht (Dissostichus mawsoni), welcher mit einer Langleine aus der Tiefe empor … Weiterlesen

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Der „Hirschelch“ Cervalces scotti

Heute ist der Elch Alces alces der größte Hirsch auf dem nordamerikanischen Kontinent. Der einstmals in sehr weiten Teilen Eurasiens verbreitete Riesenhirsch Megaloceros und seine Artverwandten haben die Neue Welt nie besiedelt, doch auch der Elch ist, erdgeschichtlich gesehen, erst … Weiterlesen

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