Sky whale skeletons part II

Part II of the sky whale mini series features a 19 m long fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) skeleton which is situated south of the airport of Salinas del Carmen at Fuerteventura.


Fin whale (Baleanoptera physalis) skeleton near Salinas del Carmen, Fuerteventura

As you can see the skeleton, as well as those of the other whales, has an additional artifical fluke.


If you look at the ribcage, keep in mind that the expandable pouch fully extends the length of the ribs up to the abdominal area. That´s just incredibly odd. Try to imaginre your floor of mouth could expand as a huge baloon-like structure down to your navel. It´s just crazy.


A rare view of the skull and neck area. You can see the foraminae on the base of the jaw and the giant atlas vertebra.


And another one photo:



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