More green lizards: Blue-headed males and tiny juveniles

Today I made another walk in the territory of the local green lizard population. I found again a very nice male specimen with a magnifcient blueish colouration on its head and throat.

Smaragdeidechse 2 (1)

Another shot:

Smaragdeidechse 2 (2)

I discovered it already a few weeks ago on another walk, but sadly I had my camera at that time not with me and could only take a photo with my mobile phone.

Smaragdeidechse 2 (5)

I was however somewhat under the impression that the blue colour had already faded to some degree since the last encounter.
I was even more surprised when I disovered on my way back two tiny juveniles.

Smaragdeidechse 2 (3)

Sadly one was resting in a dry wall only around 5 m away from a traktor which was just spraying something (probably fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides) on some nearby grape vines. I really hope they are not too heavily affected by the viticultural side effects.

Here is a photo of the second juvenile lizard I found:

Smaragdeidechse 2 (4)

At least it´s really nice to see they obviously successfully reproduce there.



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