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Photo of the day: Lepidorhombus boscii

Fish markets can be a great opportunity to see animals you will hardly ever see in any zoo aquarium or in TV. Alcohol specimens in museum collection are often already far away from their original life appearance, because the tissue … Weiterlesen

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Photo of the day: Ghastly tenrec taxidermy

For some reason tenrecs are especially prone to become extremely ghastly taxidermy specimens, at least if you look at the older ones. I just planned to cover them on occasion on the blog. So here is a specimens I saw … Weiterlesen

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Of sea monsters and cetacean weirdness – here´s the skeleton of a long-finned pilot whale

Based on the recent discovery of an alleged „monster“ on a British beach, I decided to post a photo of a long-finned pilot whale´s skeleton from the zoological museum Hamburg. First of all, because that´s exactly what this purported monster … Weiterlesen

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The war boar of Dáin Ironfoot – a zoological easter egg in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This post is a novel one, as it´s the first one written in (probably bad) English. So far all posts I wrote within the last 8 years on my blog were only in German, but I will give it a … Weiterlesen

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