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Photo of the day: Ghastly tenrec taxidermy

For some reason tenrecs are especially prone to become extremely ghastly taxidermy specimens, at least if you look at the older ones. I just planned to cover them on occasion on the blog. So here is a specimens I saw … Weiterlesen

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Of sea monsters and cetacean weirdness – here´s the skeleton of a long-finned pilot whale

Based on the recent discovery of an alleged „monster“ on a British beach, I decided to post a photo of a long-finned pilot whale´s skeleton from the zoological museum Hamburg. First of all, because that´s exactly what this purported monster … Weiterlesen

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The war boar of Dáin Ironfoot – a zoological easter egg in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This post is a novel one, as it´s the first one written in (probably bad) English. So far all posts I wrote within the last 8 years on my blog were only in German, but I will give it a … Weiterlesen

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